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The San Diego Fire Conclave (SDFC) was originated as a place for fire performers to meet, greet, discuss, learn, teach, and show off their talents. In the spirit of radical inclusiveness, we welcome poi, staff, fans, palms, whips, swords, breathers, jugglers, hoopers, and anyone else wanting to perform with fire.
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For other resources, calendars, etc. please visit our Yahoo Group and on Tribe
SDFC hopes to be one several community internet resources with respect to fire spinning performances and artisans.  Fire performers are now common across the globe with more people starting everyday with the art being advanced quicker than ever before.  Through this website we aim to be an information portal that is all encompassing with respect to discovering this rewarding, healthy, and exciting art form safely and to connect with other fire spinners.  The links below are intended to share knowledge, safety tips, fire codes and build community:
  Open blog space
  Open links space
  Place to chat and gather
  Place to put a calendar for anyone to post their fire performance
Testimonials, Raves, and Endorsements
“Your event really was the highlight of our team building weekend!  Thank you for such a great time”
Jake Myers (CEO - TopDown Marketing)
“So many of us have never experienced such an impressive show up close and personal”
    Tonya Calbertson, (HR Director - San Dimas Preservation Society)
“Your fire artists were such a welcome addition to begin our evening festivities.  We are using you guys for our next outdoor event.”
    Paul Tabuik (Principal – San Diego Investment Partners Association)


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